Lisa Neylon

Director of Global Sales and Sourcing 
Lisa Neylon, director of global sales and sourcing, is responsible for establishing new clients, sourcing, site selection and contracting. She works with manufacturing, franchising, management, insurance and financial companies. She blends her insights and industry knowledge to provide the “complete meeting experience” to her clients. Lisa focuses on details and strategy of the site process, including transportation, on-site activities and speaker selection, to create one-of-a kind events for her clientele.


Prior to joining Meeting Expectations in 2012, Lisa spent over twenty years in the hospitality industry. Her previous experience includes serving as the director of sales and marketing and director of national sales for chain and independent resorts.

Volunteer Work

She enjoys volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club of Chicago and Family Rescue, a women’s health, housing and homeless shelter.



• 2006-2010 Top Producer (Sales) for Abbey Resort
• North Star Achiever Award 2003: Interstate Hotels & Resorts for Top Sales and Community Effort
• Best Hospitality Award: 2001: Park Hospitality, Carlson Hotel Companies

Fun Facts

• Lisa trained for the 1984 Olympics as a swimmer.
• Lisa loves to travel and has been to every state in the United States except Alaska, which is on her bucket list.
• Lisa enjoys scuba diving and is a member of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).


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Thank you so much for helping us put on an amazing event and for making my job so easy. The partners, customers, employees and executives are all talking about what a great event Connections was and how effortless everything seemed. Your prompt replies and resolutions to the millions of emails and calls is amazing. You are the best in the business and not only do we recognize it, but the hotel made a point to let me know that they recognize it as well.

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