Tara Welch

Business Development Specialist
Tara Welch, business development specialist, joined the Meeting Expectations team in the fall of 2015. Tara coordinates internal sales, operations and support for the business development team. Concurrently with her business development responsibilities, Tara works in tangent with a number of clients, ranging from large to small organizations in a wide range of industries.


Tara graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in event planning and a minor in marketing.


Why Do I Love Events and Associations?

“I love events and associations because I love planning and helping people through creative mediums and occasions people are passionate about.”


What Inspires Me?

“I am constantly inspired by my mother’s independent strength. She shows characteristics I constantly strive to have and exhibit every day in my life.”


Fun Facts
  • Tara is an amateur special effects make-up artist.
  • Tara used to be a dance teacher and taught both tap and ballet.
  • Tara’s favorite place to travel is Scotland.

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It has been my personal privilege to work with Alex Murphy and the Site Selection team at Meeting Expectations for the last several years. Alex is the consummate professional both in negotiating and advocating for her clients and working with us as a hotel to streamline the process of moving business to the next level. The Meeting Expectations team is one that can truly tout themselves as experts in understanding what their customers want and need.

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