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Attendee engagement starts with learning that scores. Elevate your next event with scientifically proven game-based learning that effectively transfers knowledge and skill, brought to you by Meeting Expectations + Business Games.

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    Types of Games

    Onboarding & Recruitment

    Skills Development


    Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI)

    Why Business Games?



    Develop better communications between functions and within new and existing teams; foster personal bonds and improved morale.

    • Team integration
    • Team communications training and feedback
    • Collaboration enhancement
    • Cross-functional relationship-building


    Meeting Expectations + Business Games will customize existing game concepts or build a brand-new experience based on your strategic objectives.



    Be it team building, skills development or organizational goal deployment, we take your objectives and transform them into immersive gameplay for maximum employee engagement and effectiveness.



    No more classroom sessions and presentation slides. Welcome to the new paradigm of learning through play.

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