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We’ve managed more than 5,000 company meetings and corporate events. Bringing millions of people together to share their thinking, build valuable relationships, and advance their stories. Facilitating the human interactions that enhance the human experience.

Meetings, events and conferences create relationships that drive business outcomes. In fact, in-person events rank first among B2B demand generation tactics, and 58% of those surveyed also cite technology-enabled events and webinars as successful top of the funnel tactics.

Another survey* of 150 senior-level executives found that in-person interactions deliver topline growth and bottom line results, with four out of five of these executives reporting a personal business success at a professional meeting or conference. No doubt you’ve experienced the same.

The many ways we help you maximize your return on investment:


Using our proprietary InVEST Framework™, we take a very thoughtful approach to designing a live experience that aligns with your strategic business goals and objectives while at the same time delivering high value to attendees.
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There are literally thousands of details that go into running a successful meeting or event. We act as the central organizing force that ensures all the moving parts are in sync, on time and on budget.
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Considering where and when you hold your event will be one of the top three factors influencing a person’s decision to attend, venue selection is critically important. That’s why we have an entire department dedicated to sourcing the hotel, conference facility or convention center that would best fit your company’s needs and budget, and get people excited to put it on their calendar and make the trip.
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The content delivered at your event will positively or negatively impact attendance, perceptions and business outcomes. We’re relentless about designing educational programs that truly engage and inspire attendees in innovative and interesting ways. And we execute flawlessly – from the keynote speaker, general session and breakouts to interactive, self-guided learning, dynamic polling and virtual webcasting.
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Our event strategists and creative technologists work with best-in-class hardware and software partners to enhance the event experience. Actionable data gathered through attendee touchpoints, such as RFID badges and mobile apps, provide insight in real-time of your attendees’ attitudes and behaviors – enabling more meaningful engagement before, during and after the meeting or event.
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Mobile-friendly websites and dedicated toll-free numbers ensure your attendees can quickly and easily register online and over the phone. User-friendly apps and print-on-demand badges allow self-service check-in to eliminate lines at the event. And trained customer engagement specialists make sure there’s always a friendly person to answer questions or provide any assistance.
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Whether you need branded event signage and communications, or you’d like us to plan and execute a strategic, multi-channel campaign, our team of marketers and creatives act as an extension of your team – following your brand guidelines, speaking in your brand voice and aligning with your brand story and messaging.
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Developing and managing this important revenue opportunity with your valued partners requires business acumen, creativity and relationship-building skills. We bring those skills to the table and can handle your exhibitor and sponsor program from beginning to end no matter how big and complex it gets.
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The business of running meetings and events is just that – a business. And we run a tight ship. Once the budget is developed, we manage to it and there’s no exceeding it unless you want to add something or change direction and the cost is approved. So, no surprises. What you get instead is a fiscally responsible partner who believes in following budgets to the penny. And of course, transparent reporting of when and how your money is being spent.
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Virtual Meetings & Events

There’s more to a successful online event than the right technology platform. Whether you’re transitioning from an in-person event to an online experience; or creating a new virtual event, our team provides the consultative expertise to maximize your investment.
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Elevate your event or corporate training through experiential experiences. Brought to you by the powerful partnership of Meeting Expectations + Businessgames.
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*Business Leaders Survey conducted by Meetings Mean Business