education design & management

The content delivered at your event will positively or negatively impact attendance, perceptions and business outcomes. We’re relentless about designing educational programs that truly engage and inspire attendees in innovative and interesting ways. And we execute flawlessly – from the keynote speaker, general session and breakouts to interactive, self-guided learning, dynamic polling and virtual webcasting.

Many will argue the most critical element of your meeting or event is the quality of the education. Not only should it be unique and relevant, but it should promote comprehension, curiosity, and conversation. And while companies know what they want to communicate to attendees, we know how to implement it to capture a person’s attention – and we have the post-education analytics to back it up.

Our content delivery specialists design educational programs that ensure your message is received in innovative, multi-sensory ways that increase engagement. Once the educational design strategy is in place, keynote speakers are selected, breakout sessions are determined, and digital solutions are configured, our event coordinators make sure every piece of content is in the right place at the right time for the right person. 

Keynotes, panels, roundtables, mastermind sessions, hands-on labs, even TED-style educational talks on riverboats – imaginative new formats are our sweet spot.

What to expect:

  • Innovative strategy for content delivery and attendee engagement
  • Agenda development and management in collaboration with your subject matter experts
  • Sourcing of keynote speaker, host or entertainment that aligns with your brand, event theming and budget
  • Speaker communications, training and coordination
  • General session audio visual support
  • Cloud-based repository of presentations and abstracts for all breakout sessions
  • Online distribution of presentation materials
  • Technology-driven solutions such as live-streaming, on-demand webcasting, interactive learning, live polling, mobile apps
  • Complete post-education analytics, reports and tracking

Client benefit:

  • Your content and education will be delivered with impact and in a variety of innovative ways in order to deliver a high rate of engagement