event architecture

Using our proprietary InVEST Framework™, we take a thoughtful approach to designing an experience that aligns with your strategic business goals and objectives while at the same time delivering high value to attendees.

Around here, we start with the why. Why? Because it’s how you design the optimal meeting or event that’s not only innovative and memorable, but also geared to deliver the highest possible ROI.

Our event strategists begin their discovery and innovative thinking with insight into why your meeting goals and objectives are what they are. Why different stakeholders would want to attend your meeting. Why the world should care that your company exists and go as far as to value its vision and mission.

With this macro-level and holistic view, we start building out our proprietary InVEST Framework™ used to define and communicate how each event pillar will give the various stakeholders what they want and need. We design for every participant, considering the attendee ready to learn, network, and have a good time, to the C-suite leader concerned with the budget and how technology can integrate with customer data and existing marketing efforts.

Once the top-line strategy is in place, we work within an approved budget (either provided by you or developed by us) and build out a project plan – giving you a roadmap of how we intend to execute on the vision we’ve developed together.

Learn more about Meeting Expectations’ proprietary
InVEST™ framework for live experiences

What we deliver:

  • Our InVEST™ attendee experience framework that outlines the education strategy, technology solutions and exhibit and sponsorship opportunities
  • Comprehensive budget
  • Master timeline and project plan

Client benefit:

  • A macro-level view of our vision for your meeting, event or conference – presented in a way that’s easily understood and can be communicated to others quickly and effectively

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