exhibits & sponsorships

Developing and managing this important revenue opportunity with your valued partners requires business acumen, creativity and relationship-building skills. We bring those skills to the table and can handle your exhibitor and sponsor program from beginning to end no matter how big and complex it gets.

The difference between an average partner and sponsorship program and one that serves as vibrant economic engine – capable of producing up to 50% of the revenue of your event – all depends on who develops it.

You see, this opportunity can go far beyond simply charging for booth space or sponsor signage. Our clients have realized considerable additional revenue when they entrust us with the strategic responsibility of managing their entire ecosystem of partners and sponsors. We’ll frame out an innovative and effective program and market it for you while treating your valuable partner relationships with care. We can also execute everything from developing each exhibitor and sponsor contract to fulfilling and enforcing all the terms of those contracts.

Custom designed programs, complete with educational opportunities and innovative attendee engagement experiences, deliver higher ROI for your partners and sponsors

What to expect:

  • Innovative program framework
  • Educational opportunities (i.e. demo pod, mini-theatre, innovation show) to maximize the exhibitor ROI
  • Creative engagement programs and branded experiences such as augmented or virtual reality
  • Exhibit hall design and layout
  • Sales and marketing campaigns targeting potential exhibitors, including prospectus design and delivery, contracting and fulfillment
  • Payment processing and progress reporting of sales transactions
  • Online and real-time selection tool for partners/exhibitors see available space within the context of visual and interactive floorplans
  • Digital asset management
  • On-site show implementation logistics
  • Contract fulfillment and enforcement terms

Client benefit:

  • Additional revenue that can be generated from a robust program that goes far beyond charging booth space
  • Deliver better ROI for your partners to increase sales and loyalty
  • Outsource sales and contract negotiations to a team who will maintain good relations with your valued partners

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