Mobile-friendly websites and dedicated toll-free numbers ensure your attendees can quickly and easily register online and over the phone. User-friendly apps and print-on-demand badges allow self-service check-in to eliminate lines at the event. And trained customer engagement specialists make sure there’s always a friendly person to answer questions or provide any assistance.

The registration process is central to your event for every customer. This critical importance is why we prioritize the customer journey, planning every interface, intake form, and person-to-person interaction for the most efficient experience.

This level of design thinking and attention to detail compels us to deliver end-to-end registration experiences that are technology-driven and human-centric. With your goals in mind, we draw from today’s technology to help you achieve them. And expert help is only a phone call or an email away because there’s no substitute for people-powered support.

Combining technology with the human touch for streamlined registrations and check-ins

What to expect:

  • Implementation of a secure registration platform that fits your functional and business requirements
  • Attendee engagement specialists staff a dedicated phone line and on-site during the event
  • Secure processing of credit card transactions
  • Streamlined on-site check-in supported by self-service kiosks and badges printed on-demand
  • Collection of all data points which is either exported as a file or integrated with popular sales, marketing or CRM solutions
  • Post-event attendee survey and report

Client benefit:

  • A smooth customer experience when registering for the event and checking in
  • Access to all data collected on registrants during the registration process to inform and influence decisions on how best to engage them during and after the meeting or event

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