Our event strategists and creative technologists work with best-in-class hardware and software partners to enhance the event experience. Actionable data gathered through attendee touchpoints, such as RFID badges and mobile apps, provide insight in real-time of your attendees’ attitudes and behaviors – enabling more meaningful engagement before, during and after the meeting or event.

While some event companies may try to dazzle you with shiny bells and whistles, we focus on proven and innovative solutions to delight your attendees and deliver positive business outcomes. 

We leverage the power of technology cost-effectively to enhance the attendee experience. We gather actionable data for better decision-making, taking a thoughtful approach to each discovery phase, strategic planning, and final recommendations. Determining your ideal digital solution is a collaborative effort between your team and our user-experience strategists, meeting planners, and technology team.

Working from a proven event experience framework, we explore different applications and platforms that can be licensed or custom-built to suit your meeting or event. Imagine powering different aspects of the attendee journey via mobile app, an interactive kiosk, data-driven projection technology, or geo-location technology – we’ve been there and seamlessly pulled it off.

What to expect:

  • Solutions designed to enhance the attendee experience include but are not limited to:
    • SaaS event registration platform that is branded for your event and tailored for your specific needs
    • Mobile app(s) that provide:
      • Attendees with an easy way to do a variety of things such as build and manage their education agendas, connect to other attendees and exhibitors navigate the event, provide feedback and more
      • Ways to monetize the event with revenue streams like in-app partner advertising and sponsorships or e‑commerce
      • An “always-on” channel for communicating event updates to all attendees, plus segmented messages to different groups and stakeholders
    • Day-of-event solutions such as RFID badging, beacons, live-streaming, self-service event check-in kiosks, CEU-CPE credit tracking, real-time polling and evaluations, gamification, virtual and augmented reality experiences, digital signage and boards
    • Recorded webcasts and on-demand content libraries extend education beyond the live event
  • Solutions developed to maximize efficiency and minimize stress
    • Online and real-time selection tool for partners/exhibitors see available booths within the context of visual and interactive floorplans
    • For highly complex events, our proprietary and robust platform can manage the hundreds-sometimes-thousands of elements involved so that everything is organized and easily accessible
    • Cloud-based storage of digital assets, proceedings and conference papers

Client benefit:

  • A collaborative team of strategists, user experience specialists and technologists who operate at the intersection of creativity, technology and business
  • Smarter decision making based on data-driven insights gathered from a variety of technology-driven applications across the attendee journey
  • Higher event ROI considering we can help integrate live events into your existing multi-channel, sales, marketing and CRM program

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