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The future of event management technology is bright at Meeting Expectations.

exhibitor ploorplan tabletWe believe event technology experiences should be clean, light, modern, engaging and simple. We analyzed meeting designs and the complex interactions that come with each event, then built our proprietary, enterprise-level information management platform, IPReg, from the ground up. IPReg presents a comprehensive suite of capabilities.

IPReg is now in the cloud, ready for your business!

What does it do?

It’s fully customizable. 
Basic registration processes to financial management and robust reporting, exhibitor and sponsor coordination to speaker management and agenda development, invitation management to housing and travel – it’s all possible in one system. 
IPReg provides services that are truly integrated and processes that are seamless.

Registration Processes at Your Fingertips

Implement custom registration paths for your attendees, resulting in better data collection and increased transaction speed.

Fortify Your Payment Management

Registrant payment information is quickly, accurately and securely processed with the highest security methods.

Build Better Reports

Flexible reports, customizations and integration enable at-a-glance or in-depth data analysis – so each report includes exactly what you need to make decisions. The more you know, the better you can plan.

Agile Coordination

Email attendees and manage speakers, sessions, sponsors and exhibits to make logistics a smooth process backed with proven success

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Mobile Conference Applications

Mobile applications and websites are strategic tools to grow communications and engagement for your association or users group, focused on an event or as a community resource year-round. Meeting Expectations partners with several mobile applications to enhance your member and attendee experience.

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Thank you so much for helping us put on an amazing event and for making my job so easy. The partners, customers, employees and executives are all talking about what a great event Connections was and how effortless everything seemed. Your prompt replies and resolutions to the millions of emails and calls is amazing. You are the best in the business and not only do we recognize it, but the hotel made a point to let me know that they recognize it as well.

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