who we are

We work with companies and associations to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, orchestrate the melding of minds to solve problems, and provide the opportunity to bond around common goals. Work with us and you’re assured forward thinking and peace of mind knowing we always have your back.

Our Vision

To bring millions of people together, one client at a time, and help create networks and communities that address problems, provide new solutions, and empower progress.

Our Mission

Meeting Expectations is committed to understanding our clients’ “why.” Because we believe it’s not so much what you do, but why you do it that compels people to embrace your products, your organization, your vision – on a deeper, more emotional level. It’s all about Advancing Your Story with more impact in order to deliver better business outcomes.

Our diversity & inclusion declaration

At Meeting Expectations, we thrive on bringing people together from all walks of life. Our company is focused on solving industry issues, serves a global audience, and that same diversity is reflected inside our walls. We believe that when people have equal opportunity, feel appreciated, respected, and included, they are more productive, innovative, and successful.

Our Core Values

Innovate and Inspire

and inspire

Be curious and willing to explore new ways of doing things. Challenging the status quo and deliver constant improvement. From big picture ideas to the smallest of details.
Spread Positivity


Be a positive force for good through our words and actions. Building relationships based on respect, kindness and loyalty – with our team members, our partners and our clients.
Earn Trust


Be accountable for doing what you say you are going to do.
Do the Right Thing

Do the
right thing

Be respectful of resources and people. Being transparent and making the right decisions, 100% of the time, benefits both our clients and our company.
Strive for Excellence

Strive for

Exceed client expectations by relentlessly pursuing excellence – in ourselves and every aspect of our work.
Love what you do

Love what
you do

Approach each day with passion and an open mind so that every moment is filled with opportunities to learn, grow and make a difference.

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